Jellyhaus were appointed to design a brochure and inserts for the Mean Fiddler Events.

Are Printed Communication Materials Still Relevant Today?

YES! As with any business expense, good value for money should always be a priority. Whether a business is looking for brochures, inserts, flyers or in-house communications materials, finding an agency that can design simply isn’t enough. A good design agency will understand business, communications, design and when it’s in context and relevant to use printed materials to sell services/products.

Design is important in order to draw the reader’s eye to the material. Design can be thought of as your shop window. It needs to be attractive so that the reader will pick up the material and explore it.

Once the reader has picked up the material, the content should entice the reader to want to know more about the business and its services; engage the customer and give them a reason to stay. The best result is that the reader reads the material and then decides to keep it, to explore the company or its services in greater detail at a later time and be excited enough by it, that even if they don’t require the service/products at that time, they want to share with someone they know whom they believe will be interested.

At Jellyhaus, we understand business, we are fantastic at design, and we have the experience to help a business get the results they want with their communications to be effective, in context, see return on investment and be memorable to the reader!