Jellyhaus created a pitch for the May Series.

Pitch Perfect- Building New Business Relationships

The decision to pitch for a design project generally always produces a reaction here at Jellyhaus of YEAY! Whether it comes from an existing customer or a potentially new customer relationship; other times, a design agency will seek out or even create an opportunity to pitch to a new client in order to win new business. The pitch needs to be pitch perfect and address the points conveyed in the brief provided and sometimes, challenge the points too.

Company growth and evolution is vital, so what factors might inspire a business to return to a design agency? Is it something more than good work? YES! In an ever more competitive market, return business is likely the result of a design agency bringing something special to the table.

The Team at Jellyhaus

At Jellyhaus, we have a team of awesome designers, (graphic, digital and custom software design & development) as well as other members of the team who enjoy working on research, communications, content, SEO and design forecasts.

We love working at Jellyhaus for many reasons, but here are a few! The environment is relaxed yet busy. We love design. We are encouraged to develop our skills and to venture into new areas. We are supported whenever there is a desire to expand knowledge about a subject that will enhance the Jellyhaus portfolio of services. Our team consists of experienced, professional designers- as well as young talent bursting with fresh ideas. Jellyhaus believes in nurturing and growing talent!

We Care About Your Business

We care about you and your business; so we diagnose, design, develop and deliver your requirements with added-value at a cost-effective rate. We have a variety of projects where we work with clients on an ongoing basis; some on retention and some ad hoc. We love working with a business to build a lasting relationship. At Jellyhaus, our aim is to complement what a business does, by providing them with the right tools and platform to help achieve their strategy, goals and objectives.

Seeing is Believing

If you have a project in mind – see for yourself why businesses return again and again to Jellyhaus!