Building an e-Commerce Solution

Jolly Good Socks came to Jellyhaus in search of a simple, fun and cost-effective e-commerce solution to build their brand. Delivered on the WordPress platform, has already generated a huge amount of interest and is gathering momentum.

When choosing an e-commerce web development agency, it is best to use a company that offers excellent design experience with knowledge of the latest trends.  Jellyhaus understand what is happening in the design industry as well as what is happening in the digital design realm.

Customers want user-friendly responsive websites that make online shopping effortless.  Wishlists, shopping carts, guest checkouts are all important and should be easily accessible.  If a shopper is forced to search around for those basics on an e-commerce website, they will lose interest and the sale will move to a different online retailer.

Knowing and catering to customers is very important when selling online.  The Jellyhaus team spend time getting to know the nature of a business, its products and target audience.  We then work hand-in-hand with the business to design and create an appealing website that their customers will love.

We have a lot of ideas about where the future is going with branding and web design as well as communications.  We are constantly searching for the latest trends.

Our office is conveniently located in Warwickshire near the M40.  We have a nice conference room (Jellyspace) and plenty of parking, and refreshments.

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