Jellyhaus were appointed by UBM Built Environment to provide the on-site feature design for Interiors Birmingham.

Providing on-site Feature Design

At Jellyhaus, we think differently from the usual website design agencies, because we have a rich history of designing  on-site events and the feature design for various types of industries.   We are a creative design agency that searches for the quirky, unusual things that draws people’s attention. It’s literally part of our DNA!

From designing a concept on paper to transposing it into a feature design, we bring years of experience to any design project; whether it is the design of an entire event, a feature area design, website design, communications material design or software design.  Our design background gives us the innate ability to see the bigger picture, to see concept relevancy as we work down the hierarchy of a company’s products and services – in today’s innovative trend-led market. We know which trends work in creative concepts.

We help businesses reach a specific sector – by tailoring their offering to target a specific audience. Asking the open-ended questions is all part of the process in identifying what underpins a business and how that business needs to communicate through their supply chain and stakeholders.

Not your usual design agency

Sure, you can call any website design agency and ask them to build you a company website, but will that agency really understand the implication and importance of what your business does and how to communicate that on your website in a way that will attract business to you?

Give us a call to discuss your project and for a detailed quote.  Find out for yourself why businesses love Jellyhaus.