Event Branding for Informa

Jellyhaus were appointed by Informa to design event branding for the Live Production Network.  Informa is one of the world’s leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events businesses, creating unique content and connectivity for customers all over the world.  Live Production Network was a leading business to business event for the music industry.

Why Use Jellyhaus for Your Event Branding?

Because we have the experience you want! We’ve worked on a variety of event branding projects from global companies like CPhI, one of the biggest business to business trade events in the pharmaceutical industry, to food ingredients and a new launch event around the music industry LPN. Event branding is about all about communicating the B2B or B2C purpose of the event, benefits of visiting and exhibiting, features taking place during the event, the venue, location and conference information, which may offer further business insights and learnings for CPD. Successful event branding will leave a positive image of the business in the mind of the participants, as well as gain visitors, exhibitors in future events.  An event theme is the overarching title that encompasses all aspects of the event. The event theme is expressed through the graphics and messaging on every bit of branding and correspondence before, during and after the event. Themes for events should be simple, relevant and targeted to the market and industry to which you are speaking.

Proven Results

Over the years Jellyhaus has worked with the UK’s leading Event Organisers, such as UBM, Haymarket, Clarion, Upper Street Events, ICHF, EMAP to name but few.

With CPhI, a UBM Group live event, in our global marketing campaign which ran for three years, we helped raise the profile and increased sustained growth for the event, from conception through to onsite. We were involved in show design and feature area design; everything from print to digital. We helped organisers increase visitors and exhibitors for the event by raising awareness, improving visitor experience, and helping with exhibitor retention, re-booking and growth.We experienced events in growing market areas in SE Asia, Japan and China. At the time we began working with CPhI, their visitors were around 24,000 and their exhibitors were around 1,500. Now it’s 36,000 visitors and 2,500 exhibitors.  

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