Jellyhaus were appointed by Great Bear to design their corporate rebranding.

Thinking of rebranding your business website and logo?

Design is constantly changing.  Consumers update their clothing, furniture, electronic equipment, cars, etc. for the latest trends.  Businesses update their offices, equipment, working style and services.  The last thing you want is to be seen as outdated compared to your competition!

Here are a few good reasons for rebranding your logo and website.

  • Your logo/website is tired-looking, especially compared to your competitors.
  • Your website is not interactive on smartphones and tablets.
  • Your website isn’t generating new business.
  • Your website traffic is decreasing and it is hard to find in a general internet search.
  • Your business has become cutting-edge and it’s time for and new logo and rebranding.
  • Your business is changing and you want to appeal to a new target audience.
  • Your business has changed its focus and you need rebranding to highlight the new focus.
  • Your business motto/slogan needs updating.
  • You’re considering a new communications campaign

We custom code, design and build stunning websites. Whether it’s a showcase website, a marketing website, a branding website or an ecommerce website – your website needs to work for your business! A good website will create leads and most importantly – bring visibility!
Because of our extensive business and design background, we’re great with business rebranding, updating logo design and business communications.  We find out what our clients need and then partner with them to find the best way to achieve what they need within their budget. We care about your success.

Give us a call to discuss your project and for a detailed quote.  Find out why businesses love Jellyhaus..