Designing an Advert for Great Bear

As part of Great Bear’s 20th birthday celebrations, Jellyhaus produced a full page advert for the back page of the CILT‘s Focus magazine.

As long as their are magazines and flyers, their will be adverts.

The internet is moving people away from high street shops to online shopping, yet many people still prefer the hands on experience of shopping in stores.  Some people love downloading eBooks, but many still prefer to turn pages of a real book.  Magazines still sell and printed advertising is still a great way to get exposure…….provided the advertising is effective.

The team at Jellyhaus are great designers and are always ready to assist a business with the design and creation of their advertising campaign.  Whether it be online, digital, print, branding, adverts, or animated banners, we are the team to call.

Jellyhaus work with businesses to understand their brand identity and the specific goals for their advertising campaign.  We specialise in all forms of design, graphic art, web development and custom software solutions.  That may sound like other agencies, but we are different from the average design agency.  There is a massive trend towards brands having to be more human.  We design with a human touch in mind.  Our team are artistic and business minded.  You get the best of both and in today’s market that’s just what you need!

Jellyhaus is centrally located in the West Midlands.  Clients travel from all over the United Kingdom as well as from outside the country to work with Jellyhaus.

Give us a call to discuss your project and for a detailed quote.