Fuel Learning – Training Management Software System

Fuel Learning are a learning and development consultancy and training provider. Facilitating the learning and CPD of many blue-chip companies nationwide, Fuel had the requirement of a custom-build learning and development system that would help them manage the day-to-day administration of delegates, modules and programmes.

Built from the ground-up we scoped, designed and built Fuel a designer training management software system to meet their needs. Top-level features include;

Delegate Management
Delegate booking system
Course and Module management with locations and streams
An integrated messaging system
Comprehensive reporting functions
Built using php alongside our trusted developer circle.

Not all training management software systems are equal.  As far as off the shelf systems are concerned, of course some rate better than others, but the best organisations are going the extra mile to find, equip and keep the best employees.

All companies have some people who enjoy doing the same job year after year, but more often people prefer having an opportunity for career growth.  Many companies lose their best and brightest employees to competitors who offer higher pay and career advancement.

There are costs involved with learning and development.  Time spent training employees, the costs of materials, and so on.  The goal is for the costs to pay off in  employee retention and a more efficient, productive and happy workforce.  The most savvy companies are  taking the steps necessary to make career growth opportunities within their organisation available to their employees.

Off the shelf systems can force a business to work within the limitations of the software.  At Jellyhaus, we work with businesses to understand their embedded processes and then we design user-friendly software that matches their existing system.  As the business grows or changes, modules can be added to the system.  Keep your data in-house and confidential.  Our systems are used globally and have excellent uptake.

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