The Importance of Branding and Corporate Identity

Branding goes beyond a logo….to an entire customer experience. We are all influenced a number of ways by branding.

In the high-fashion market, people generally prefer to purchase brands that have a reputation for being good quality while also exhibiting a current trend. Why do people want to be fashionable? Because psychologically, being fashionable brings a form of social acceptance. People believe that by wearing fashionable clothing they will be perceived as successful or more attractive.

In the electronics market, Sony has built a reputation for producing quality electronics and for this reason, people don’t mind paying more for a Sony product than they would if they were purchasing a lesser known similar product. There is an expectation that the higher-priced Sony product will outperform a less expensive unknown brand.

At the supermarket, people often purchase the same brands that their parent/s purchased. There is a comfort and trust in familiar brands because the consumer believes from past experience that the food will be as good as they remember.

Successful branding breaks through people’s indifference and brings desire for a product or service. In the competitive world of today, good branding can make your business stand out from the rest.

At Jellyhaus, we take the time to understand your business before we get busy creating the best branding and identity. To do this, we employ a three step method, diagnose, design and deliver. We tailor our services to meet your company’s needs.

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