Jellyhaus designed a pitch for the Confex Event for UBM.

The Key to a Winning Pitch

The key to a winning pitch is a thorough understanding of what the company needs and a brilliant design team.

Companies We Know

An ongoing relationship with a company, can be a real advantage when producing a pitch because we understand the company, their identity, logo, culture, needs, etc., better than an agency who has never pitched for that company. Even so, a company doesn’t always know exactly what it needs. That’s where our creativity comes in!

New Companies

There are also times that we get a referral offering an opportunity to do a pitch for a company that is new to us. That’s when we get down to business and research the company culture so that we develop a clear understanding of that company’s goals, allowing us to produce something better than what they might have had in mind.

A pitch might include a new identity / logo or website redesign or take a completely new approach – steering away from their traditional style.

At Jellyhaus, we are bursing with creativity…. which is why we win pitches!

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