A Updated Website for Castle Froma

An updated website is important because technology is constantly changing.  What may have worked fine a number of years ago, probably doesn’t work well with today’s mobile devices.

More people surf the internet on mobile devices than on PCs.  In today’s busy world, people want to access information easily.  Have you ever been frustrated when trying to access information on a website?  What first impression is your website giving potential customers?

View the Castle Froma website.

The talented and experienced team at Jellyhaus are frequently contacted by businesses who need an updated website.  We improve the websites by making them more visually appealing, giving them a fresh feel. We make them responsive so that they work well on various devices.  We often work hand-in-hand with businesses,  advising on the best content for search engine optimisation.

Today, the internet is the front-line advertising tool.  High Google ranking is important.

A lot of website developers have ‘flashy’ websites to try and grab attention of potential customers, but when it comes to professional business websites, what is most critical is finding a design agency that has excellent design skills, (graphic and website), a strong knowledge of business processes, powerful visual identity and customer experience skills and a current understanding of the latest trends in both design and work.  Jellyhaus understand how to get the best exposure for your website.

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