Why You Need Website Redesign

If your website is old, you need website redesign.  Since mobile browsing now exceeds PC browsing, it’s vital that your web site loads well on various devices.

Today, most people are on the internet every day.  It’s like oxygen.  People can’t live without it!  Especially in a very fast-paced, ‘get the information now’ world.

Companies frequently need to update information on their website.  It’s important that they are able to do this without needing to call web designers.  This is perhaps the main reason smaller companies shy away from using website design agencies.  They may believe that if a website is built for them, they won’t be able to maintain the website without additional cost.

The team at Jellyhaus are experts in website redesign and build.  We build websites using custom code and WordPress and we show clients how they can easily update information on their site.  In addition to building stunning websites, we also offer search engine optimisation to help with search engine placement when customers search for your services or products.

Give us a call to discuss your project and for a detailed quote.