Jellyhaus designed and built a bespoke customer and vehicle management system for C4 Logistics.

Custom Built vs Off-the-Shelf

Although off the shelf software systems are generally less expensive to buy, they are designed to be used by large numbers of organisations.  This means that the systems are rather generic.  These off the shelf systems require businesses to adapt to the software.  There will likely be features that a business may need that are not within the scope of the software and the software may offer processes that the business will never use.

Let’s focus on the advantages that come with custom built software systems:

  • The software is designed to a businesses specific processes
  • The software can be updated in future as needed or it can be altered to further improve its processes.
  • The support is likely to be superior since a company will be dealing direct with the developers who will make time to meet the needs of the business and will have an understanding of the business..
  • The software is inherently intuitive, which means it will be easier for employees to use, making the business process more efficient.
  • It is specific to the business and competitors will not have the same software, which could be an advantage over them.

Jellyhaus designs and develops custom software systems used nationally and internationally.  Have a look through our portfolio favourites, then give us a call to discuss your requirements and for a quote.