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Having been a key contributing partner in helping establish a sustainable event management system, which was an important part of our evolution, we understand embedded business processes. Jellyhaus Enterprise Software Programs create business software solutions that follow an existing workflow process while enabling compliance with governance, legislative, regulatory, a standard or a  work flow process.

Jellyhaus Key Delivery Partner in Award of BS8901 Accreditation – Standard

Having worked for many years in the live events industry, Jellyhaus were incredibly proud to have been a key contributing partner in helping establish a sustainable event management system.

BS 8901 is the British Standard which has been developed specifically for the events industry with a purpose of helping the industry to operate in a more sustainable manner. The standard defines the requirements for a sustainability event management system to ensure an enduring and balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress relating to events.

It requires organisations to identify and understand the effects that their activities have on the environment, on society and on the economy both within the organisation and the wider economy; and put measure in place to minimise the negative effects.

UBM Live Amsterdam embarked on the process of attaining the BS8901 standard by external accreditation in May 2009. In order to achieve accreditation, the company demonstrated that it had fundamentally re-engineered its key business processes to align them with the principles of sustainability. Working alongside key partners including Jellyhaus; UBM Live established key objectives and indicators to achieve its sustainability objectives.

These requirements have driven innovation across UBM Live Amsterdam to ensure that its systems minimize any negative effects of the activities related to the CPhI Worldwide and Fi Europe events.
Key requirements of BS 8901 include:

Sustainability Policy
Issue identification and evaluation
Stakeholder identification and engagement
Objectives, targets and plans
Performance against principles of sustainable development
Operational controls
Competence and training
Supply chain management
Monitoring and measurement
Corrective and preventive action
Management System audits
Management Review
“The accreditation is not the end result. It reflects the beginning of identifying where we can make a difference, set goals, and how we can achieve those goals,” said Nik Rudge, Managing Director at UBM Live. “Now that the Amsterdam office has achieved BS8901 accreditation, we plan to focus on extending the standard to the other UBM Live offices and events. Our employees are proud to be involved with a company that puts sustainability at the heart of its activities, and UBM Live Amsterdam is creating a path that other UBM businesses can follow.”

Jellyhaus Understands Business Processes

At Jellyhaus, we understand strategies, company policies,  benchmarks, the importance of involving stakeholders at all levels, clear documentation of the necessary steps to achieve the benchmarks (management systems), and measuring success against the original benchmarks.

Why use an off the shelf software system that forces your company to work within the limitations of that software?  At Jellyhaus, we create custom-made business software systems that complement your embedded business process – working along your company’s existing workflow.

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