Design Trends

Do an internet search and you’ll find design agencies, website design agencies and software design agencies, but Jellyhaus is a multi-design agency.  We are professionals in all of these areas.  We know the latest trends from general design to current website best practice to custom business software solutions.  We follow future trends in all of these areas and this enables us to offer cutting edge solutions that give our clients an advantage over their competitors.

The Future Trends of Work

At Jellyhaus, we are very interested with the future of work and new technologies.  Our ever-expanding knowledge in these areas helps us to engage businesses searching for greater efficiency in their workplace and better employee satisfaction and retention.   Gallup Research shows that productivity increases 21% when employees are engaged at work.  When a business hires great people, it makes sense to invest in them to retain them.

We design and create custom employee competency and training programs that are currently in use by multi-national corporations.  For more information, see Jellyhaus Enterprise.  At Jellyhaus, we aren’t afraid of change; we thrive on it!

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