Designing a Portfolio/Project-based Website

A Bespoke WordPress Installation

Today 15% of the world’s top million websites are developed in WordPress.  More and more, businesses are choosing a Custom WordPress Installation for their website.  WordPress open source allows website developers to custom code WordPress to achieve exactly what the customer wants for their website.  Many clients are fed-up with outdated websites that offer little in the way of control.  We design and build websites, but we also act as consultants, teaching our clients how to do their own updates and any other basic tasks they might want to control once the site is built.

Jellyhaus was appointed to design and deliver a custom WordPress installation for local building envelope specialists, Alumet.  The front end design was coupled with a custom WordPress installation with custom-made front end project filtering. We gave Alumet full control over the front end to edit all content including Projects, Home Page and generic elements by simplifying and customising the WordPress admin section.

View the Alumet site

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