Welcome to Jellyhaus!


Let’s begin by giving you an overview of who we are, what we do and how we do it!  We are a creative agency with two core areas of focus:


Web Design & Marketing

We custom code, design and build stunning websites. Whether it’s a showcase website, a marketing website, a branding website or an eCommerce website – your website needs to work for your business!  A good website will create leads and most importantly – bring visibility!


Other Stuff


We’re great at website design & build, creating brochures, delivering a marketing communications piece, because we find out what the client’s needs are and partner with them to find the best way to achieve what they need within their budget.

So, it could be an email marking campaign, building a website, applying search engine optimisation, updating a company’s branding, or redesigning their website to better represent their business structure.


Diagnose Design Deliver

The difference between Jellyhaus and a company who will just build a website is that we diagnose, design and deliver.  We diagnose a business’s structure, commercial strategy and specific requirements before we begin the web design process.  For example, if a company wanted to generate enquiries for samples of a product, but they also wanted face to face connections and leads, they wouldn’t want a website that simply led to people buying direct from their website.

On the other hand, let’s say a business wanted to showcase products so that people could simply buy direct from their website.  We would design a website with those specific features.

What if a company wanted to be seen as credible business leaders of a certain sector?

At Jellyhaus, we employ a three step method.  Diagnose, design and deliver!  Diagnosing is part of what we do and is really key!  Our assessment of a company’s needs is drawn from the breadth of experience the team has here at Jellyhaus.  We tailor our services to a company’s needs.  A lot of agencies say that do it, but we really do it!

At Jellyhaus, our business is much like our personality!  We care about your bottom line and so we diagnose, design and deliver your requirements with added-value at a cost-effective rate.  We have ongoing projects where we work with clients on an ongoing basis; some on retention and some ad hock.

We always ask ourselves if we can work with a company and them with us to build a lasting relationship.  We never try to tell an owner how to run their business.  At Jellyhaus, our aim is to compliment what a business does, by providing them the right tools and platform to help themselves.